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Baling Wire


Baling Wire

Material:Low carbon steel
Feature:Easy to bend
Application:Tying cotton, plastic

Baling wire also called Single loop bale ties. Our single loop bale tie wire are manufactured from both galvanized wire and black annealed wire using a medium carbon steel wire. We control the produce process from raw material purchase to the finish bale ties ready.

We packed baling wire head with bags for protecting loops ends, and wrapped the tie length by plastic film for safety and no damage.


High quality medium carbon steel
Protective galvanized coating
Protective package

Sizes available in gauges 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Length range from 8feet to 24feet(2.4-7.3meters)

Packed in bundles of 125pcs or 250pc, put on wooden pallet at last.

Application: mostly for the waste and recycling industry, packing Styrofoam, large user of paper, printers, cardboard and plastics.